Abel Nicholson House

Constructed in 1722 by Abel Nicholson is in good condition, 2 stories, brick foundation. An early record contains the following information:

Samuel Nicholson liveinge at Deifton in the county of Notingham in Old England, And from thence removed or transported himself with his wife and children to America in the ship called the Griffin beinge master who all arrived in Delaware River in the province of West New Jersey the 23 day of the ninth month, 1675, and soe to the place now called new Salem where they inhabite”.  This information was published in 1924 by Sunbeam Publishing Company, 1924 in Salem, NJ. Another reference is Colonial Roof T and Candle Ends, Salem County Historical Society, 1934.

Taken on September 21, 1936

County of Salem, New Jersey

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