County of Salem, New Jersey

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Emergency Management


Local Emergency Management Planning Committee

Emergency Management Coordinator, George Parris (856-935-0977); Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Rob Klein; Mayor, Sean Elwell; Deputy Mayor, Jack Elk; Committeeman, Douglas Hogate; Fire Chief, Sean Elwell; EMS Captain, Sherry Biddle.


What you need to know about Reverse 911

An Emergency Notification System, or Reverse 911 as they are sometimes known, gives those in charge of Public Safety a chance to reach out to the public in case of an emergency event. This system, combined with our other emergency alert methods, is designed to get emergency messages to you the public, quickly and effectively. This does not preclude you from calling 911 if you need emergency information; it simply provides an opportunity for us to disseminate critical information to you if and when the need arises. This system is designed to notify residents in multiple ways in the event of an emergency that affects Salem County or Elsinboro Township. Entering as many means of contact as you may have will ensure you are contacted.

The system currently includes landline numbers, but does not include other numbers. We strongly encourage residents to register their cell phone numbers and email addresses by visiting the following website:


Special Assistance

The Elsinboro Emergency Management Office maintains a list of residents who require special assistance during an emergency. If you are in need of special assistance and wish to be added to the list, please contact the municipal clerk at 935-2200. This information is maintained by Emergency Management officials and is confidential.

Delaware City Refinery

From time-to-time, concerns are raised about rumblings heard from the Delaware City Refinery. If you hear a rumbling or see something unusual, you can call the Delaware City Refinery Hotline, 302-834-6200. This hotline provides up to the minute reports.

Phone: 856-935-2200

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