County of Salem, New Jersey

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Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (MAPSA)

The Elsinboro MAPSA is a community-focused group consisting of volunteers who want to educate the community about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use and help with prevention. There are several programs and community activities that the Alliance develops, reviews and provides.

Program and Community Events

Cooper University Hospital Scared Straight Program

MAPSA Awareness at Annual Community Day

After-school Game Club for Kindergarten through Third grade-Spring and Fall

Sponsors a Scholarship for Eighth grade graduate

One week Summer Camp for grades Kindergarten through Fifth

National Night Out Activity

Senior Breakfast

Sponsors Red Ribbon Week at Elsinboro School

Community Movie Night


Meetings-All meetings are held at the Elsinboro Municipal Building at 5:00PM

May 4, 2016 / September 7, 2016 / November 2, 2016


Officers, Members and Contact Information

Bethany Harris, Co-Chair (

Coni McAllister, Co-Chair (

Kathy Sheffield, Treasurer

Sean Elwell, Township Committee Representatives


Phone: 856-935-2200

Fax: 856-935-9011


619 Salem Ft-Elfsborg Rd

Salem, NJ 08079

Phone: 856-935-2200 on mobile just click