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Community Development Committee

Created by Mayor Sean Elwell, July 2010


Our mission is to serve as a vehicle to get residents involved in promoting the community and increase communication between Community Members and the Township Committee.


The committee is designed to be a positive experience for all involved. Members must keep an open mind while exchanging ideas, maintain a positive attitude at all times and meetings must span a reasonable amount of time, so that all ideas are addressed before adjournment. Committee meetings are like brainstorming sessions. Members exchange ideas and suggestions aimed at community enhancement. The community development committee is designed to be a positive experience for all involved. The residents get to have their ideas heard and investigated further.


The committee has taken on projects such as the annual community day (held in the Spring) and the Trunk or Treat Event (held in October). The committee also provided input into the successful implementation of a Township Website and a Township Newsletter. These projects serve to reinforce the Committees goal of effective communication between residents and the Township leaders. Current pending ideas include a development of Township Logo.


Mayor Sean Elwell applauds the Committee efforts towards improving Township communication (one of the Mayors top priorities). It is about continuing to make Elsinboro Township a great community to live in.


Membership-Members of the committee are appointed annually by the Mayor. Interested individuals should contact the municipal clerk.


Meetings-All meetings are held at the Elsinboro Municipal Building on the second Thursday of the Month. For more information please contact the municipal clerk.

Phone: 856-935-2200

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