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Elsinboro is a Township in Salem County, New Jersey, United States.


Elsinboro is the site of the First English Settlement in New Jersey-1641. The original site was destroyed by the Dutch. The Swedes built Fort Elfsborg in 1643 it was called Fort Elfsborg in honor of the fortress at Gothenburg, Sweden. The fort had a garrison of 13 soldiers, eight 12 lb guns and one mortar. There is a black stone monument of the fort outside the Elsinboro Township School, the stone block came from the old fortress in Sweden built in the 13th century.


First mention dates of Elsinboro Township are recorded as far back to May 12, 1701, though it was also mentioned in records on November 28, 1676. The details and date of its original incorporation are unknown. The township was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798 as one of New Jersey's original group of 104 townships.


The riverfront in Elsinboro is a prime attraction for summer and permanent residents. There are several homes still standing built in the early 1700s. Click on the houses below to learn more about these historical buildings.


As of the United States 2010 Census, the township population was 1,036. Today, the Elsinboro community is mainly agricultural and residential.

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